Workshop Local Politics and Citizen’s Participation on 14 – 26 August 2016 |

Workshop Local Politics and Citizen’s Participation on 14 – 26 August 2016

Report of participation of Dmytro Borysov
Nachricht20.09.2016Dmytro Borysov
Dmytro Borysov

Dmytro Borysov, since 2012 director of “The Kyiv City Center for Investment and Development” of The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, took part at the IAF-seminar on 14 – 26 August 2016 in Gummersbach.

I very appreciate participation in the workshop Local Politics and Citizen’s Participation and I am grateful to The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom for this opportunity.

It was very useful for me, as new knowledge, new experience, sharing my own experience, and also new communication with liberals from different countries, creation of communication space, which we support now.

I would also like to note the excellent organization of the seminar, the balance of the program, a good selection of participants and excellent accommodation at the International Academy for Leadership.

There have been presentations of interesting speakers, such as members of the state parliament, local politicians and activist etc, as well as practical work in working groups.
During the workshop I was actively involved in the work; I had the opportunity to share my experiences, to make presentations on topics, to practice my public speaking.

From the beginning of the seminar was created a friendly easy atmosphere in which the whole seminar was held.

Also we had an unforgettable trip to Cologne and Hamburg.

Dmytro Borysov

Briefly about the topics that we considered during the workshop:

Local government politics in countries of participant – assessing competences, tasks and challenges.

New ideas for citizen’s involvement on a local level.

Recent local elections and current developments in South Africa

What does “liberal local government politics” mean?

Lessons for local government,- achievements / best practice, deficits / needs, promising reform concept.

Introduction to the political system in Germany. Brief history, the political system and the role of political parties.

Communication as a prerequisite for successful citizen involvement. Understanding misunderstandings – why is successful communication important for involvement of citizens on local level?

Individual training for political communication in speeches and debates.
The current situation in North Rhine-Westphalia: Current challenges on the local level and liberal solutions.

Making your voice heard when in opposition - how do you get into the media, how do you raise issues that are important to your constituency and your party, to differentiate yourself from other parties? Motivating for liberal principles and concepts for local government. How to create a citizen oriented, efficient, democratic and responsible (non- corrupt) local administration?

Service Provision and City Development Planning.

The importance of Social Media in Politics – Examples from Germany.

e-Government in the City of Hamburg.

Local politics, political parties and civil society. Performance of political parties and (political) civil society organizations: - the need for a strategic approach, - strategy elements and ideas: the importance of local government performance for switching voting patterns.

Recommendations for strengthening local government politics.

Dmytro Borysov