The tasks of "Civic Position" Party to reform the agricultural sector of Ukraine |

The tasks of "Civic Position" Party to reform the agricultural sector of Ukraine

21. February 2017, Cherkasy | Round Table
Civic Position

The Roundtable of the Political Party Civic Position" with experts took place February 21, 2017 within the framework of cooperation between the Political Party "Civic Position" and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation For Freedom. The roundtable was held in Cherkasy, Hall of Cherkasy Regional Museum of Art (Khreshchatyk Street, 259).

The total amount of participants was 46 persons (Heads of regional and local organizations of the Political Party “Civic Position”, heads of farmsteads, experts of agricultural sector, Ihor Novosad, a member of Coordination Council of the Political Party "Civic Position" and Dr. Volodymyr Oliynyk, Project Coordinator of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Ukraine and Belarus).

The opening speeches were made by Sergiy Savisko, the Head of Cherkasy regional organization of the Party and Ihor Novosad.

Civic Position

The leading experts of agricultural sector took part in the Roundtable:

  • Vitaliy Zinovchuk , the Head of Marketing Department of Zhytomyr National Agroecological University, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine;
  • Lubov Moldavan, Chief Researcher at the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine;
  • Nataliya Zinovchuk, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Sciences, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor;
  • Roman Korinets, President of the National Association of Agricultural Advisory Services of Ukraine;
  • Vitaliy Sabluk, Deputy Director of the Institute of Agrarian Economy, first Doctoral Degree in Economics;
  • Grygoriy Opanasenko, first Doctoral Degree in Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor.

The Roundtable participants analyzed and discussed the main problems of agricultural sector’s reforms: land relations (different issues), opposing to the ecological collapse of the agricultural sector, financial, credit and fiscal state policy in agricultural sector.

The Political Party Civic Position" considers agricultural sector as one of the priority sectors Ukraine’s economy depends on. Today the agricultural sector of Ukraine is one of the most uncared-for, which negatively impacts on the state’s development. 20% of all employees work in agricultural sector in Ukraine today, the rural population is 13.3 million of people. The key-problems of the sector are:

- land reform is incomplete and imperfect;

- low productivity of agricultural production;

- social decline of rural areas;

- environmental threats’ aggravation;

- oligarchization and shadow agricultural schemes.

"To my opinion the state should pay more attention to agricultural sector, development of rural areas and its infrastructure. Rural infrastructure, its development has to be a priority for the state, not for private entrepreneurs, as it’s today. Charitable contributions, which farmers and other entrepreneurs make today for the development of the territory where they work - it definitely reflects their civic position, but in terms of the market economy and economic efficiency is unacceptable. We need state regulation of agriculture. State regulation should establish really transparent rules of activities and shouldn’t either interfere with the market functioning or put high barriers to act for the participants of agricultural market", - said Ihor Novosad.

The Party advocates introducing the effective mechanisms of long-term lease of agricultural land with the possibility of mortgage to receive the loan and transferring the lease rights to descendants. The full-scale land reform would have a great positive impact on the country’s economy and a powerful impetus to the development of agriculture.

The purpose of the Party’s Roundtables with experts is to develop the concept of agrarian policy of the Party. Development and adoption of such concept will help to determine the basic principles, strategic objectives and priorities, mechanisms and instruments of agrarian policy of the Party. And which can be put into practice when the Party becomes a parliamentary Party.