Success of combating corruption fundamental for credibility of democratic order

15. March 2017, Kyiv | Lecture
TI Ukraine

On March 15thTransparency International Ukraine and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom hosted Duncan Hames at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, policy director with Transparency International UK, and moreover an experienced UK politician and former Member of Parliament with the Liberal Democrats.

In sharing international perspectives and the UK’s stories on combating corruption the organisers and Duncan intended to support Ukrainian civil society in making their own judgments as to how to fight against corruption in Ukraine effectively and efficiently.

Duncan emphasised that fighting corruption is always a process and the work to combat and prevent corruption is never over anywhere. He recalled “a spirit of humility in the common struggle for us all to address #CORRUPTION”.

The speaker also warned of the consequences of loss of trust in politics as it jeopardises established democratic orders as can be presently seen in several countries around the world.

Thanks to the audience’s active participation the event was an interesting exchange on political corruption globally, but also on how to tackle current challenges in Ukraine, where, as Miriam Kosmehl of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom underlined, anti-corruption activists, reform-oriented politicians and civil society have a unique chance to change current elites’ behavior if they remain united and persistent.