Strategy for entrepreneurship development– expert opinion and policy instruments |

Strategy for entrepreneurship development– expert opinion and policy instruments

28. October 2016 | Presentation, Round Table

Today, standing for policies that promote entrepreneurship is more than just an economic necessity for Ukraine. Creating favorable conditions for entrepreneurship development that confront external and internal challenges would contribute to achieving the value ​​of freedom, especially in the area of ​​economic activity.

On 28th October, experts from the Center for Public Expertise (CPE) presented their concept of a comprehensive Strategy for Entrepreneurship Development in Ukraine, focusing on the needs of the different segments of enterprises (large, medium, small and micro enterprises and individual entrepreneurs). They defined specific objectives and instruments for policy implementation, complying with international obligations of Ukraine. The analysis and Kyiv event, followed by a round table expert discussion, were supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. CPE-chairman Liubomir Chorniy together with Natalia Baldych and Natalia Hodko were the involved specialists.

Liubomir Chorniy defined the main approaches to the development of specific objectives, in particular such as the formation of a clear vision for the future of business and the selection and prioritization of vital "sectors" to focus resources and efforts. Moreover, he pointed out that the proposed strategic vision shows the relationship of the document with other existing strategic documents that define the main directions of economic and social development in Ukraine.

Natalia Hodko drew attention to the still existing imbalance in the overall business sector, in particular the excess (numerical superiority) of small businesses and their dominance in the service sector (often pseudo-self-employed) and of large businesses in the industrial production (see also Towards a modern SME policy in Ukraine for our 2014 Inventory). However, over the past three years there is the positive tendency of an increase of micro-business in shares of Ukraine’s value added and job creation. The presentation also highlighted some international comparisons, which show low rates of Ukraine in terms of support of entrepreneurship in society, entrepreneurs willing to take risks, opportunities for starting a business and obstacles standing in the way of innovation.

Natalia Baldych presented in detail the strategic goals and priorities to be implemented in 2017-2020 – emphasizing the expected results and key indicators, which shall allow drawing clear conclusions on the level of achievements over the next years.

The presentation and round table discussion were attended by representatives of business associations, of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and international technical assistance projects, experts and researchers in the field of entrepreneurship.