Strategic Planning Workshop for the Political Party "Civic Position" |

Strategic Planning Workshop for the Political Party "Civic Position"

9-10.12.2016, Kyiv | Workshop
Annika Arras, ALDE

Strategic Planning workshop with Annika Arras, ALDE, former Estonian Reform Party’s Campaigning and Internal Communications Director for the Representatives of the Political Party "Civic Position" ("Gromadyanska Posytsiya") took place December 9-10, 2016 in the framework of cooperation between the Political Party "Civic Position" ("Gromadyanska Posytsiya") and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation For Freedom.

The total amount of participants was about 40 persons. The workshop lasted two days. The opening speeches were made by Anatoliy Grytsenko, the Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Political Party "Civic Position" ("Gromadyanska Posytsiya") and Dr. Volodymyr Oliynyk, Project Manager of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Subregion Ukraine and Belarus.

The participants began by discussing current political situation in Ukraine and possible variants of its development in the nearest future. The participants were asked about the problems and challenges the Political Party "Civic Position" ("Gromadyanska Posytsiya") is facing. So Annika Arras was able to construct the workshop in a way to give maximum of useful recommendations how to solve the problems and challenges, the Political Party "Civic Position" ("Gromadyanska Posytsiya") is having while making strategic planning, organising and conducting election campaigns. Annika Arras shared her successful experience of effective campaigns implemented in Estonia by Estonian Reform Party, taking into consideration some essential differences in legislation of Estonia and Ukraine.

During the workshop Annika Arras had shared successful experience of Estonian Reform Party in election campaigns of different levels. Estonian Reform Party had won three parliamentary campaigns in succession and had held the Prime Minister’s seat since 2005. She had also shared different tough issues and challenges of conducting election campaigns Estonian Reform Party had faced.

Annika Arras had also analysed in details the various aspects of conducting election campaigns in Ukraine, for the Political Party "Civic Position" ("Gromadyanska Posytsiya") in particular. She stressed that the most important, where should a party start planning the campaign at any level, is to conduct a poll to determine the location of their voters and their needs. This is the basement of the campaigning strategy of the party so as the methods of work with the voters. The next step is to select and identify the priority areas (regions, districts, cities, etc.) to focus efforts during the election campaign – where live people supporting the principles and goals of the party, and which will support the party having voted for it.

Annika talked on public and non-public aspects of joint election campaigns (merger with other parties), the pros and cons of election coalitions, the process of searching for the candidates and forming the list of candidates. Then she also explained the peculiarities of forming correct and clear, understandable messages of the campaign and the importance of building a team of like-minded persons who can really lead the party to win the elections, demonstrating a high level of professional skills, internal communications (mutual understanding and support within the team). Annika Arras stressed that to make a successful election campaign it’s important to start working on attracting resources for the campaign long before the election, rather than waiting for the official start of the election campaign. And just knowing what the real resources are, and based on sociology, you can build a successful campaign strategy.

The participants received a lot of interesting and useful information and positive emotions in addition. They were eager to continue having such events in the future. The knowledge they received would definitely be useful in planning and conducting the next election campaigns of the party.