Statement by Wolfgang Gerhardt, President of Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation |

Statement by Wolfgang Gerhardt, President of Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation

On the Outcome of the U.S. Elections
Dr. Wolfgang Gerhardt

Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America – whether we like it or not. We should ask ourselves whether we truly know the country or only base our judgements on East Coast experiences, some big American newspapers and establishment proponents. In this election cycle, apparently those Americans voiced their opinion who we tend to overlook or to whom we do not attach crucial importance.

The first comments of German politicians show concern about the future of the alliance policy, the economic relations, the European-American relationship in general. But there is more at stake.

The Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom is challenged in its worldwide work like rarely ever before. Authoritarian regimes are more and more on the march, arguments for freedom on the retreat. A kind of counterrevolution is taking place against what liberals believe to be important and vital. It is crucial that the United States resist such developments and remain an open society. The election campaign of the President-elect gave rise to doubts on that. But we in Germany, in Europe depend on an American ally who remains the flagship of the liberal post-war world-order. Furthermore, Europe itself finally has to come to terms with the worldwide challenges.