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Quarter of city projects - a space for activists to communicate with citizens

10.09.2016, Bila Tserkva | Lectures
Квартал міських проектів

September 10, 2016 city Bila Tserkva celebrated its 984 anniversary. For social activists that day was the opportunity to personally communicate with the citizens about their main activity - development and implementation of measures to improve the city. They also shared the information about their own ideas and developments.

NGO "Struktura" supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Ukraine created the Quarter of city projects during the celebration. NGOs and activists shared their ideas with the citizens, presented their projects and were able to find out public opinion about the effectiveness of their work.

Among the participants of the Quarter were voluntary organisations (Time for Change, the Red Cross Society of Ukraine), educational organisations (School of Small and Medium Enterprises, International youth projects of non-formal education, etc.), and organisations involved in infrastructure and development of the city (Center of community development, Agency of strategic development of Bila Tserkva, NGO “Change Bila Tserkva”, Architectural workshop AMMI), animal protect organisations and others.

During the event such organisations as Charitable Foundation "Youth Movement", TACO (TeenageActivistsCOoperation) and children's literature contest "PeroDaktyl" have presented their activities focusing on the development of children and youth.

Throughout the day course of lectures took place on the central square, where city residents could listen to lectures about the history of the Bila Tserkva, about upgrading of certain parts of the city, energy efficiency and the development of the city brand.

Activists from Development Agency of Bila Tserkva presented their ideas on issues of danger on the road (informational project, "Safe Way to School" map), touched on issues of collecting and sorting waste, improving the culture of the city and other relevant topics. Kyrylo Tomlyak, Advisor to Mayor of Bila Tserkva on energy efficiency in his presentation spoke of "sustainable strategic development plan", energy efficiency measures and upgrading public facilities (including preschool educational institutions).

Konstantin Klymchuk, a volunteer from "Time for Change" organisation, discussed the actual for Ukraine subject of volunteering and helping the military. The speaker presented the story of the work at the front and other activities involving the organisation. 

Andrii Brazhnyk, member of the city project "Lybid Ye" presented the idea of updating of pollution problems of Lybid river. According to the speaker, through the creation of modern public space and workshops it is possible to improve the environment and increase public awareness about current environmental issues.

Volodymyr Vysotskii and Andrii Vorobyov considered the development of the Shevchenko Park in Bila Tserkva through the territory modernization system, development and installation of necessary infrastructure elements of the park.

Mitya Gurin, urban activist and public communication specialist has expanded the knowledge of residents about the concept of territories branding. During the lecture he presented the concept of branding of cities and key aspects of the brand.

The event was full of information and bright ideas. We thank the participants of lectures, public organisations and activists for their work and we hope that this format of communication with the public organisations will be an opportunity for further development and cooperation.