Podium discussion: Local Self-government in Ukraine – Status and Prospects

Kyiv, 20 September 2013
Podium discussion: Local Self-government in Ukraine – Status and Prospects

The most prominent mayors of Ukrainian district capitals – Andriy Sadovyi from Lviv and Volodymyr Groisman from Vinnytsia – came to Kyiv to the house of the parliament of the Ukrainian People's Republic (1917), today known as the Teacher’s House, to discuss the possible ways of reforming local self-government in Ukraine. The topic has been remaining vital for many recent years, with President Yanukovytch promising fostering reforms in this regard when coming to power in 2010.

Both mayors criticised the current situation of local self-government in the country and emphasised the urgent necessity of reform introduction. Based on their experiences and practices they suggested the main settings and features for such reforms in particular in the fields of budgeting and power division. 

The event took place in light of the fact that the Ukrainian capital Kyiv has been without a city mayor since 2012.

A constitutional court decision ended controversial disputes about when the next elections should take place, ordering them for 2015 in the course of a national local election round. At present there are five Ukrainian district capitals without mayor: Kherson, Czernivzi, Cherkasy, Mykolayiv and, lately, Odessa.

Podium discussion: Local Self-government in Ukraine – Status and Prospects

Head of Kiev FNF-Office Miriam Kosmehl presented specifics and positive examples of the local self-government in Germany – a positive example followed closely by Ukrainians keen on contacts with German practitioners and experts. 

The discussion evoked a great deal of interest of a versatile audience, i.e. of parliamentarians of the Verkhovna Rada, the media, experts and representatives of civil society.

Together with Andriy Sadovyi and Volodymyr Groisman there was ex-member of parliament and director of the Territorial Development Institute Yuriy Hanushchak. 
Mr. Hanushchak presented his concept of reforming the territorial organisation of the power in Ukraine under the slogan “Decentralization and administration”, which he is going to forward for parliamentary consideration. 
A lively and constructive discussion highlighted the interest in the topic of the Ukrainian public.

TVi-report about our podium discussion "Local Self-government in Ukraine" (starting from min. 18)