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Our work in Ukraine



We have started working with the Crimean Tatar Resource Center (CTRC) in 2010 and since then we have been annually conducting educational events to increase the level of political and social activity of Crimean Tatars and bolster the protection of rights and freedoms of the Crimean Tatar people.

The annual International Summer Camp of Freedom, the Crimean Tatar Academy of Public Diplomacy, lectures and seminars for human rights and civil activists: these are our primary activities through which we provide a systematic learning process for Crimean Tatars from the occupied territories and internally displaced persons.

In 2019 together with the CTRC we have published video blogs #LIBERATECRIMEA in which we have covered the most pressing issues that the Crimea and the Crimean Tatar people face.


In 2018 together with the Ukrainian Institute for Human Rights we have started the project “Preventing torture and ill-treatment in places of detention in Ukraine”. During 2018 and 2019 human rights defenders have conducted 99 monitoring visits to Ukrainian penitentiary institutions, the results of which have been used to prepare analytical reports and develop recommendations for improving human rights in penitentiary institutions and detention centers. 

With our support in 2019, the Ukrainian Institute for Human Rights has realized the project “Monitoring of the penitentiary reform in Ukraine in 2016-2019”, which had seen experts conduct a complex analysis and quality evaluation of the penitentiary reform for the first time in Ukraine.