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Our work in Ukraine



In 2018, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine launched the reform of secondary education "New Ukrainian School". This is one of the key reforms in Ukraine, which could become a significant lever for launching a number of changes at the public level. We support the education reform in Ukraine and in cooperation with NGO “Smart Osvita” (“Smart Education”) we train educational managers and teachers with communication skills to implement the educational reform:

How to communicate about success? How to plan communication and events? How to be able to manage yourself in crises? How to communicate effectively with journalists?

Experts of NGO “Smart Osvita” have developed a free online course and a manual book “Effective communications for educational managers”.

Вступне відео до онлайн-курсу «Ефективні комунікації для освітніх управлінців»

As part of our cooperation, experts of the NGO “Smart Osvita” have also developed a research on the needs (skills and knowledge) of school principals for the successful implementation of the reform. In 2019 experts held facilitated meetings of school communities (students, parents and teachers/administrations), which aimed to build dialogue and understanding among all participants in the educational process, to identify weaknesses and promising directions, ideas for improving school life.

The same goal stands behind our cooperation with NGO "Institute for the Development of Education" and experts from NGO "PARENTS SOS". The series of workshops aimed at improving communication between the parents of school pupils and the staff of educational institutions in 2019 culminated in a panel discussion "Parents - School: Speak, Listen and Hear" with a presentation of a poster set devoted to particularly acute communication issues.