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Our work in Ukraine

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom


Local self-government is one of the main areas of our activities in Ukraine.

Our key partner is the Center for Civic Initiatives (CeHrIn), with which we have been cooperating since its founding. The most important project within this collaboration is the Network for Free Local Politicians, founded in 2014.

Manfred Richter, Member of the Board of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom suggested an idea of creating the Network as a platform for communication for local actors who hold liberal views but may be members of different parties (not just liberal ones) or not belong to any parties. These include local politicians, local councillors, local government officials, journalists, community activists, and more. Representatives from all regions of Ukraine take part in the Network's activities, and we carry out events throughout the country. The most relevant, pressing issues of local self-government become topics of the Network’s Forums.

Another form of our collaboration with CeHrIn is the annual workshop "Practical Aspects of Local Self-Government" for mayors, members of local councils and heads of local state administrations. Its focus is on practice rather than theory and it includes visits to various municipal facilities. We also hold 2-3 Summer Local Self-Government Schools annually to share experiences and enhance the skills of the participants. In recent years, during the summer schools we have also been conducting visiting trips to the communities of the Republic of Poland.

We also support political parties that share a liberal worldview. Together, we help to build and strengthen their structure, develop proposals and policies, and learn about international experience. We work to promote the strengthening of genuine European-style democratic political parties in Ukraine.

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