The new elite of local politicians will come to Ukraine in 2015! |

The new elite of local politicians will come to Ukraine in 2015!

22.-26.08.2015, Schtschaslywzewe
4. Sommerakademie politischer Leaderschaft

On 22-26 August 2015 hotel "Express" Schastlivtsevo rayon Henichesk hosted the 4th Summer Academy of Political Leadership "Crimea", which was attended by 20 participants - social activists, candidates to the deputies, assistants of the deputies of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, deputies of local councils from different regions of Ukraine: Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kyiv, Kherson, Kharkiv, Lviv, Donetsk, Vinnytsia, Zaporizhya regions, etc. 
Under the terms of choosing all applicants, there were 56 of them, submitted to the competition commission their own application forms and motivation letters 20 participants were shortlisted whose accommodation, meals and training were funded by the Ukrainian office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. 

The aim of the Academy is: the development of democratic principles in Ukraine; creating the conditions for obtaining the opportunity to improve the skills of the leaders of the democratic forces in Ukraine; the development of European values of the political and social activists in Ukraine; introduction of liberalism to political and social activists in Ukraine. 

During the training at the Academy the participants received hand-outs and electronic materials that contain a lot of information about communications, election campaigns, the formation of political image, the work of election headquarters, the methods of application of territorial initiatives by local chapters of the political parties, the fundraising during election campaigns, street and public campaigns, the explanatıon of the new law of Ukraıne on local electıons. The participants were also taught how the elections are conducted in the European Union, in particular in Poland. Participants took part in practical exercises, role playing, as well as informal cultural communication. At the end of all the participants of the Academy received certificates. The organisers of the Academy are confident that the knowledge and materials received by the participants will be used in their future political and social activities, in the work of their teams, as well as in their election campaign in 2015.The organisers of the Summer Academy of Political Leadership "Crimea" are always ready to maintain contact with their alumni, to consult and to follow the dynamics of the growth of their political careers. Taking into account the large number of applicants who wanted to become the participants of the Summer Academy (2.8 per place) proves its necessity in Ukrainian society. Taking into consideration the qualitative list of participants, it can be concluded that the academy is important for people who are able to influence actively the political processes in the country. As a result of analysis of evaluation forms of the event’s participants, it can be concluded that this form of training contributes to the development of political and social leaders, and is useful for the development of Ukrainian society.

“According to the new law of Ukraine on local elections it appears to be more difficult for candidates from brand party to win the elections…” noticed the participant of the Summer Academy, candidate to the deputy Igor Zhdanuk.
"The good indicator of the effectiveness of our Academy will be the results of the elections in 2015, when the graduates of our Academy or the representatives of their teams will become heads or deputies of local councils" - said Eskender Bariiev - the head of the project during the closing of the Summer Academy.

Press-centre of the Centre of Political Analysis and Forecasting "Crimea"