Meeting of the Coordination Council Members of the "Civic Position" party

2. March 2017, Ternopil | Meetings
Civic Position

A meeting of the Coordination Council members with the local city council/district council members and party activists of Ternopil region and further workshop for them took place March 2, 2017 in Ternopil within the framework of cooperation between the political party "Civic Position" ("Gromadyanska Posytsiya") and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

The total amount of participants was about 90 persons (mostly the local city council/district council members, local Party organizations heads, activists and experts of local self-government).

Borys Rusnak, an expert on local self-government, honored lawyer of Ukraine, highlighted a number of interesting issues about the activities of local city council/district council members, drew their attention to the current legislation’ drawbacks and even, in some cases, the contradiction of some laws.

Borys Rusnak raised lots of important aspects:

- legislative novelties, the Law of Ukraine "On local government in Ukraine" in particular;

- rights and duties of local city council/district council members and their powers;

- the ways of local city council/district council members’ influence (deputy’s appeals, inquiries, questions), the difference in its validity and usage;

- the conditions to form deputies’ factions and groups, work organizing, the rights and duties of factions and groups;

- the rules of standing committees of city/district councils and their powers;

- ways for citizens’ participation in local government;

- the expediency of creating local community associations.

The workshop was organized as live and interesting communication between people who have definite experience - in life and in local city council/district council’s work. The most of participants’ questions were related to practical implementation of their powers provided by the law as well as solving everyday problems of local residents. The emphasis was placed on the work of deputies of city, town and village councils, as the majority of participants represented the councils of those levels.

Anatoliy Grytsenko, the Head of the Coordination Council of the Party, thanked the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Ukraine for the possibility to conduct such workshops and noted it helps our deputies to grow professionally. It will definitely improve both the local government level in definite cites, towns and villages as well as the level of life of citizens all over Ukraine. He also gave evaluation of current political situation in Ukraine and stressed the importance to participate in the elections in newly created local community associations. He also outlined the recommended tasks to implement and spheres of activities to work in 2017 for the local deputies.

Petro Landyak, a member of the Coordination Council of the Party and a Head of Ternopil regional organization of the Party told about the activities of deputies’ faction of "Civic Position" ("Gromadyanska Posytsiya") Party in Ternopil city council, their initiatives etc. He underlined that every deputies’ faction, every deputies’ group and every deputy has to show its civic position in its work – both in everyday work and at the sessions of local councils.