Linking competition policy with SME development in Ukraine

21.10.16, Kyiv | Round Table
Linking competition policy with SME development

The analysis “Towards a Modern SME Policy in Ukraine – Linking Competition Policy with SME Policy” was introduced on 21 October in "UkrInform" by:
Dr. Alexander Knuth, expert for entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized enterprises and foreign direct investment; consultant with Berlin Economics.
Dr. Olha Krasovska, leading researcher at the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting;
Oleksandr Pliva, member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Small and Medium Businesses "Fortress".

This research is the third of a series the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation's Ukraine office initiated on the topic of SME as an engine for economic growth and innovation.

The presentation preceeded a round table discussion with Ukrainian experts. Discutants were:
Mikhailo Obolonskyi, deputy chairman of the NGO Easy Business;
Dmytro Romanovich, project manager of the National Reforms Council;
Ganna Minchenko, deputy chairman of the Kiev regional territorial office of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
Serhii Kiral, deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship;
Yuri Bova, mayor of Trostianets;
and other Ukrainian experts or practioners involved in competition policy and/or SME development.

Liubomyr Chorniy, head of the NGO Center for Public Expertise, moderated the expert debate.

During the round table were discussed the following issues:
• Big vs. small: Do big companies hamper SME development in Ukraine?
• Small vs. small: Do small and medium-sized companies hamper each other with unfair behavior in Ukraine?
• How does the current policy address competition issues in the SME sector in Ukraine?
• How should policy address competition issues in the SME sector in Ukraine in the future?