Liberal Summer Camp 2016 |

Liberal Summer Camp 2016

20-26.08.16, Strilkove | Summer Camp
“Liberal Summer Camp” 2016

This year’s 2016 “Liberal Summer Camp” was held from 20th until 26th of August, in cooperation with our Ukrainian partners from the "Center for Political Analysis and Prognosis "Crimea" in Strilkove at the Azov Sea. The week-long programme offered the possibility for the participants to gain more knowledge about the idea of liberalism and to improve their English skills at the same time as all lectures were held in English as non-Ukrainian speakers from Poland and Germany joined the seminar as well.

The aim of the seminar was to offer to the students various lectures and workshops about liberalism and the different strengths and variations of liberalism. From day one students were encouraged to actively participate in the discussions and workshops.

Furthermore, thanks to our Ukrainian partner the participants gained more knowledge about the current situation of Crimean Tatars in the occupied Crimea and came in touch with the Crimean Tatarian culture and cuisine.

Moreover, the students were very inspired by Oleksandr Solontay, political expert and member of the new liberal Ukrainian party Syla Lyudey - the Power of the People. All enjoyed his enthusiastic workshops and sharing his thoughts about Ukraine’s current situation.  Nevertheless, there was also some free time which the participants used to enjoy the Azov Sea to cool down from very hot weather conditions.

We are hoping that we could wake the students interests in liberalism in general and enrich their knowledge about the spectrum of liberal ideas. We are very thankful for this great seminar and are saying thank you to our Ukrainian partner for what has been a great organization of this event as well as to the participants who helped by participating very active participation to create a harmonic and vivid atmosphere.

Interview with Eskender Bariev