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Lecture by José Ugaz

7.6.2016, Kyiv | Lecture
Lecture by José Ugaz "The work of indepentent anti-corruption bodies as a basis for corruption prevention"

Since 2010 Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom partners with the Ukrainian organisation “TORO” that became the Ukrainian chapter of the global anti-corruption organisation Transparency International, in 2013. For 2016 it has been envisaged to bring more international expertise to Ukraine, especially hands-on professional experience from countries that have successfully fought difficult cases of corruption. Alejandro Salas, TI Regional Director Americas, was the first to come.

From 6 until 8 June, José Ugaz visited Kyiv, Chair of the Board of Transparency International. Appointed by former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori as attorney general, he took on grand corruption in Peru as ad-hoc state prosecutor, opening more than 200 cases against 1500 government officials and other associates of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, freezing and recovering assets worth millions of dollars.

While in Kyiv Ugaz attended top-level meetings with President Poroshenko and the new Ukrainian prosecutor general Lutsenko as well as with the parliamentary anti-corruption committee. He also had a frank exchange with other stakeholders engaged in anti-corruption work and held a public lecture at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy on his own professional experience of corruption investigation that saw Fujimori sentenced to 25 years in prison. 

Ugaz said, President Poroshenko and prosecutor general Lutsenko told him they were aware of his successes. Lutsenko expressed his “strong political will” to make the anti-corruption fight in Ukraine work. 

Ugaz also pointed to the example of Guatemala, where leading politicians were jailed with the help of international financial crime experts that teamed up with the more inexperienced Guatemalan authorities for corruption investigations. Ugaz underlined that Ukraine could benefit from similar international help like specific expertise in investigating complex white collar crime.

Investigating former president Viktor Janukovych could be a show-case, said Ugaz, to uncover illegal schemes. Ugaz offered to bring external intelligence to help the Ukrainian authorities in that respect, a measure that Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom would be glad to support.

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