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FNF Fellows Visit Kyiv

Traveling to A New Ukraine 19-27 September 2016
Nachricht27.09.2016Felix Thießen
Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation Fellows Visit Kyiv

The interdisciplinary group of twelve scholarship holders from Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation’s German program, who are studying in universities all over Germany, visited our office in the centre of Kyiv on the occasion of a programme organised by the FNF working group “Democracy” (https://www.freiheit.org/content/arbeitskreise & http://www.ak-demokratie.de ), stopping in Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa.

They collected new insights on reforms and politics in Ukraine in a round table debate with the Ukrainian FNF partners Oleksandr Solontai, expert on decentralisation and co-founder of the political ‘start-up’ party Syla Lyudey, Andriy Marusov from Transparency International Ukraine, Dmytro Naumenko from the Ukrainian Centre for European Policies and Oleksandr Zhminko, who heads the youth wing of the Ukrainian party Civic Position. With them students discussed the values of democracy, the rule of law, open society and the freedom of citizens as well as Ukraine’s fight against corruption and the process of EU approximation.

The main target of the study visit, organised and coordinated by some of the students themselves, is to discover developments and achievements of the new Ukraine since the revolution of dignity. While in Kyiv, they also visited the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament, and Mezhyhirya, the residence of former President Yanukovych turned into a museum depicting the extravagance of the former elite.

We are wishing them the best and note that some have already expressed their wish to return to Ukraine in order to explore this interesting country with its new generation of active citizens further.

By Felix Thießen, Intern (July-November) Friedrich Naumann Foundation Ukraine and Belarus, Student of European Studies BA at Maastricht University