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Entrepreneurship as an Engine for Economic Growth – Towards a Modern SME Policy


4 November 2014, 15 h

Venue: National News Agency of Ukraine UKRINFORM

(Bogdan Khmelnytsky st. 8/16, Kyiv, Ukraine)

SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) have a decisive role in economic competitiveness. Economic competition is the most important driving force behind boosting innovation and economic efficiency and thus the key driver for higher productivity and improving the conditions for sustainable growth and employment creation. However, Ukraine’s economy is marked by a lack of free and fair competition. As a result, innovations remain locked up and there is no apparent progress in achieving efficiency. Ukraine is losing touch with the latest international developments economically and socially.

In order to catch up it is crucial to invigorate competition – and SME have an important role to play here. A modern SME policy that is adequate and appropriate can give important stimulus to Ukraine’s national economy as it would increase competitiveness and innovation.

This is why we have initiated a comprehensive research pertaining to the SME sector in Ukraine. An international expert team analysed statistical data from both official and non-governmental research sources and interviewed politicians, government officials, scientists, SME managers, consultants, tax lawyers, spokesmen of business associations, managers of SME promotion programmes and SME experts from financial institutions and from international development organizations.

The aim was to come up with concrete and specific policy recommendations, not only for policy-makers, but also for those directly affected by SME-policy so that they can effectively enter into an expert discussion with policy and decision makers.

Making a start, we invite you to the expert team’s presentation of the policy paper “Towards A Modern SME Policy in Ukraine” and to discuss – together with you – the findings und areas for future improvements.


Miriam Kosmehl, Project Director Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom, Ukraine.

Panel discussion:

Dr. Ricardo Giucci, Leader of the German Advisory Group in Ukraine and economic policy advisor.

Dr. Alexander Knuth, Member of the German Advisory Group and expert for entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized companies and foreign direct investment.

Artur Kovalchuk, Research associate at the Kyiv Institute for Economic Analysis and Policy Consulting.

Thomas Otten, Managing Director Otten Consulting LLC Kyiv and expert on tax affairs.


Liubomyr Chornii, Centre for Public Expertise, Kyiv, Legal Expert and Co-Founder of a National Platform for SME.

The discussion will be translated simultaneously into Ukrainian and English.

Following the discussion, we will host a small reception for all guests.