Development of the park named after Taras Shevchenko in Bila Tserkva |

Development of the park named after Taras Shevchenko in Bila Tserkva

28.October, Bila Tserkva | Presentation
Концепція розвитку парку ім. Т. Г. Шевченка

On October 28th in Bila Tserkva city (Kyiv region) there was held a presentation and discussion of the City Central Park Development Concept. The meeting was attended by local elected officials and representatives of the executive committee, as well as entrepreneurs, NGOs and local activists.      

The project on transformation of Shevchenko local park-based central part of the city into a single urban public space was initiated by the NGO “Structure” with support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation Ukraine and Belarus.

The project was initially aimed to revise and modify the public attitude to the central part of the city. The city’s central park area is not supposed to look merely like benches, trees and attractions. It appears as a communication and cultural space, in which all city residents can consider and come up with new variations our life abounds with. Besides, by carrying out such an important social project one should not rule out business interests – what really matters in today’s world. In view of the target concentration of different walks of life within one space, the project cannot but arouse interest with various businessmen.       

Therefore, in the course of the Concept discussion there was paid particular attention to the report, made by Taras Kaydan, on how parks and public spaces are able to change the life of communities and impact the evolution of business infrastructure around them. “There are cases when the municipality created a small but new and modern fountain square in an old residential area, and in one year the real estate in the locality began to grow in price,” sets an example Mr. Kaydan.

The Concept itself on the development of T. Shevchenko Park was elaborated and presented by the experts of architectural bureau CullmannWorkshop Andriy Brazhnyk and Volodymyr Vysotskyi. “When designing the concept, we arose from an idea that life in a city should be comfortable and healthful. A sound community, in its turn, creates a sound economy. The city’s central park is a highly important space,” comments on their ideas the Concept developers. The Concept per se brought about a lively discussion among the participants and, hopefully, there will be found lots of solutions. On the whole, the attendees approved of the Park Development Concept.    

As regards the Concept Development Project, it involved several stages:  

STAGE 1 (May-June) – Studying expectations of the city residents concerning re-arrangement of the central park area; 

Stage 2 (June-July) – Coaching for local activists: a seminar on the city development and organization of public spaces, and a workshop on the street furniture making.

Presentation of ideas and the Concept (STAGE 3) occurred during the celebration of the City Day, on September 10. Architects who were engaged in the concept development and the park administration offered their vision of the park transformation to the citizens.   

During the spring-summer time there were held various events in the park to attract different social categories: children festivities, charity fairs, festivals, concerts, film shows.

The park directorship, in their turn, made a progress report on the six-month activity in the park within the presentation of the Development Concept. It’s noteworthy the Report was not less substantial and interesting to all stakeholders. “One of the key points of the Development Concept is territory zoning. It’s not just a curious expression – for this summer we got hands-on experience to prove that it works,” shares the performance results Volodymyr Hrybovskyi, Director of T. Shevchenko Park.