Civic Activity of Active Youth in Eastern Ukraine |

Civic Activity of Active Youth in Eastern Ukraine

13 – 14 May 2017, Pokrovsk | Training
Active Youth for A Democratic Future

From May 13 to 14, Youth of Eastern Ukraine from Sloviansk together with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom hosted the training “Civic Activity of Youth at the Youth Platform “Lampova” in Pokrovsk. 20 activists from Pokrovsk, representatives of the NGOs “Dignity of Donbass”, “Novoskhid”, “Youth Association ‘Studland’”, “Women of the Future”, “Portal Search”, students and others met in order to learn more about new opportunities for youth in solving local problems and responding to challenges in their communities.

Maksym Koliesnykov, FNF-project manager, opened the event together with Oksana Stupak, deputy head of "Youth of Eastern Ukraine".

Oksana Ivanik and Revaz Tataishvili, project coordinators of the NGO “Insha Osvita” (Alternative Education) from Kramatorsk, discussed with the participants the challenges civic activists of youth in small Ukrainian towns do face, considering the examples of youth projects implemented in regional communities.

Participants worked on the formulation of their own objectives and conceptualised tasks for their respective projects in the aim to solve local problems especially young people face:

- Advocacy against smoking and alcohol abuse among young people by informing about harmful effects and equipping attractive places for socialising;

- Cultural development of local communities by means of a summer festival, creative workshops and master classes;

- Career guidance activities by organising excursions to enterprises and supporting access to informal education.

Vasyl Kulevchuk, Coordinator of the Ukrainian movement “Your Country” and the non-formal education program “Live History Studio”, worked with the participants through the “Ostriv” (“Island”) game to practice partner searching. Participants noted that the main principles in searching resources and partners are creativity, emotional experience, conciseness, relevance, and persistence. During a “team building” the participants tried to distribute responsibilities inside a team, debating the functions of managers and initiators.

As a conclusion, the participants shared their impressions and discussed the practicability of the information received during the training.

Julia Radionova, activist of the Youth Platform “Lampova”, said:

My main purpose of participation in this training was self-development in order to make the Platform more successful. In practice, I realised that such a training is a useful impulse for youth organisation development, and I am sure that together we will reach our common goal of involving more young people in changing the local communities they live in for the better.”