CALL FOR HELP: Documentary about Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine

Documentary film project by SIX MONTHS OF FREEDOM, 2015
CALL FOR HELP: Documentary about Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine

According to official data, there are more than one million of internally displaced people in Ukraine. Thousands of them are staying in Kharkiv, the largest frontline city – where, unlike in Kyiv, one immediately feels the realities of war and large-scale human rights violations in Europe only 60 years after the horrors of WWII.

This documentary is about people who are running away from war and about those who cannot stay indifferent.

The Representative Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Ukraine supported the creation of this film. Europeans have to stand up to say no to authoritarian regimes, to war, to human rights violations.

The filmmakers of SIX MONTHS OF FREEDOM and director Dmytro Konovalov would like to express many thanks to the Foundation and others involved filming the documentary, in particular, Kharkiv City Council, the Kharkiv regional state administration, and representatives of MES (Ministry of Emergency Situations) for their assistance in organizing this filming.

The filmmakers are thankful to Yeva Hulakova, Maksym Dudnik, Iryna Skachkova, Nadiezhda Rydnina and other volunteers of the “Kharkiv Station” for sincerity and hard work. The filmmakers moreover thank involved Kharkiv citizens for their help and support to thousands of internally displaced people. 

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The fourth novel is about internaly displaced persons who have moved to Kharkiv.