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From September 29 through October 2 during the German Weeks in Ukraine, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation will showcase the collection of ironic documentaries and will hold the discussions with the guest experts. The screenings are to take place in the Ukraina film theater (5 Horodetskoho St, Kyiv)at 7 pm.

Absurdities in taste, smell, color, and fashion. To walk down the podium, wearing a gown out of a shower screen from the East Germany creative designers. To dip into the routines of Ukrainian artists. To work for a while in a country with which you are in a state of cold war. And finally, to wake up once in a middle of a slum. As if a prophylactic immunization, the documentary films from Germany, Ukraine, Iran, and Turkey are building up the strong resistance against absurdity. This encounter is going to be positively ironic. 


September 29, Tuesday
COMRADE COUTURE (dir. Marco Wilms, Germany) 

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Marco Wilms, the former model of the GDR Fashion Institute, sets off to find the icons of his youth: the photographers, the designers, the stylists, and the fashion creators of 80s, the descendants of east Berlin fashion groups, such as CCD (Chic, Charming and Enduring) and Allerleirauh (All-Kinds- Of-Fur). From the secretive underground gatherings to the legendary shows, they have been creatively interpreting the decline and apocalyptic atmosphere of the East Germany. Now it is all a part of history. The CCD collections were acquired by the Museum of German History and are showcased in the Dictatorship and Boheme exhibition. The Allerleirauh underground shows can only be seen on the photographs. But the film suddenly powers these eccentric stories from the past with a modern vibe.

In German with English and Ukrainian subtitles.

The after-screening discussion with Zoya Zvyniatskivska, a director of the Ukrainian Fashion Museum and an author of The First History of Ukrainian Fashion, and the screening moderator Nadiya Chushak, a coordinator of the Docudays UA human rights section.

September 30, Wednesday
Waltz Alchevsk (dir. Vadym Ilkov, Ukraine)

May of 2014. Near the town of Alchevsk, Luhansk region, Serhiy Zhadan, Oleksiy Vorsoba, Vlad Kreymmer, and Olha Mykhaylyuk have gathered in the abandoned Mstsyhovsky’s estate to work on the on the musical and literary production entitled Punctuation. Everything is going on in waltz time.

In Ukrainian with English subtitles.

The discussion with the director Vadym Ilkov and the Punctuation project creator Olha Mykhaykiuk. Moderator of the screening is Nadiya Chushak, a coordinator of the Docudays UA human rights section.

The screening is supported by the Docudays UA International Human Right Documentary Film Festival.

October 1, Thursday
THE IRAN JOB (dir. Till Schauder, Iran-USA-Germany)

In 2008 the American basketball player Kevin Sheppard accepts an offer to play for the Iranian Super League, his job is to take a young team A.S. Shiraz to the finals.
After his arrival in Shiraz located between the ancient Persepolis and one of the country’s nuclear sites, in spite the tensions between the United States and Iran, Kevin tries to separate sports from politics only to find out that such thing is impossible in Iran.

In English and Farsi with German and Ukrainian subtitles.

The discussion with a journalist Angelina Kariakina and representatives of the Iranian community in Ukraine.

October 2, Friday
POLLUTING PARADISE (dir. Fatih Akin, Turkey-Germany)
Special program of the 2012 Cannes IFF

In 2006 a director Fatih Akin arrives to Çamburnu, Northeast Turkey, the native village of his grandfather, to complete his film The Edge of Heaven. He witnesses the picturesque fishing land on the brink of ecological disaster. A decade ago the government built a garbage landfill without complying with the security standards. Since then a peaceful life of villagers turned to hell. For five years the director has been following the resident’s struggle against the most powerful state institutions. This film is a portrait of the Turkish community far removed from the major urban centers and a touching plea for civil courage.

In Turkish with English and Ukrainian subtitles.

The discussion with a journalist Angelina Kariakina and Yevheniya Aratovska, a representative of the NoWasteUkraine Project.

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